​​​​​​Volume 2, #3 of The Philatelic Gourmet was published July 1, 2019. the lead article, by Dawn Hamman, traces the history of candy, using many stamps and philatelic items to illustrate the article. Lee Straayer completed her series on Rice and David Kent presented many new issues.

​The next issue will be published October 1. ​Articles are requested from Study Unit members! Please send to David Wolfersberger dewolf2@swbell.net). To have an article considered for publication in the premier issue of ​The Philatelic Gourmet, please submit it by September 15, 2019

The Journal of the Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit


 The Philatelic Gourmet at the NTSS/StampShow

The Philatelic Gourmet received a Vermeil medal in the Literature competition at the 2019 StampShow/NTSS in Omaha. The judge provided good feedback on ways to possibly improve our journal. I will be happy to share details of the judge's comments.