The Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit is well into its second year of operation. The Philatelic Gourmet​ Volume 2, No. 3 was published on July 1, 2019 . And our Facebook page  ( continues to attract postings of interesting food related stamps.

We hope to welcome you soon to this exciting new adventure in topical stamp collecting!


If you are interested joining the Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit, serving as an officer, or editing ​The Philatelic Gourmet, ​our quarterly journal, please contact David Wolfersberger.

The Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit Begins!

The Gastronomy on Stamps Study Unit is now recognized by the American Topical Association as a study unit. Application for affiliation with the American Philatelic Society is planned for early 2020.

Please see the Membership Information page for more details, or contact David Wolfersberger (